The Technology

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Advanced Diagnostics

  • Digital X-ray

    X-ray procedures are an essential part of quality Endodontic Therapy. Excellence Total Dental Health Care utilizes an advanced non-film dental imaging system known as CDR (Computed Dental Radiography). The already low radiation required for dental radiographs is further reduced by over 80% compared to conventional film. Using this system, an electronic sensor produces computerized radiographs which appear instantly on a chairside computer screen. These images can then be optimized, printed, and archived indefinitely.

  • Digital OPG

    Full mouth radiographic scanning is now possible in a single step. Digital OPG allows for thorough diagnosis and treatment planning. An in-house OPG facility eliminates the need for an extra visit to an outside imaging laboratory.

  • Intra Oral Camera

    The Intra Oral Camera is an excellent visual tool that allows a patient to see exactly what the dentist sees in his/her mouth. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this revolutionary diagnostic dental instrument eliminates any confusion between doctor and patient when communicating treatment options. Capturing images with the Intra Oral Camera is painless and there is no radiation exposure risk as visible light is used to generate the photographs.

Advanced Multi-step Infection Control Procedures

  • Instrument Sterilization

    Our practice exceeds the highest standards of infection control advocated by the American Dental Association, the CDC and OSHA. Excellence Total Dental Health Care utilizes the latest barrier techniques and autoclave sterilization to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.

    Our priority is to provide state-of-the-art endodontic care while maintaining a strict operating protocol.

  • B - Class Autoclave

    High-end German technology makes using fractionated vacuum sterilizing to ensure the best possible infection control protocols.

    Why a class B autoclave?

    The European Workgroup appointed by the EU Commission has passed the European Standard EN 13060 in the course of the harmonization of different national sterilization standards. The standard divides autoclaves into the classes B, S and N. Class B is the highest class conforming to the most stringent demands and therefore can be unrestrictedly used for the sterilization of all possible loads used in medical practices (also with hollow bodied instruments, handpiece and turbines) and for all kinds of sterilization packaging.

  • Disposables

    The use of disposables most of the time Eg: Patient drapes etc, ensures the best possible infection control protocols.

Advanced Endodontics/Root Canal Treatment

  • Micro Endodontics Using Surgical Microscope

    Excellence Total Dental Health Care is the only clinic in Mangalore that uses advanced Microscopes and Imaging. Magnification and LED illumination are invaluable in aiding the doctor to perform all technical aspects of endodontic procedures. Our operating microscope IS equipped with miniature high-resolution cameras to help document cases for enhanced communication.

  • Nickel-Titanium Instruments

    The cleaning and shaping of the root canal is aided by using tiny metal instruments made of a unique alloy of nickel-titanium. These devices are placed into the root canal with a liquid antimicrobial agent to help remove all traces of bacteria and tissue.

  • Ultra Sonic Instrumentation

    Each operatory is equipped with sophisticated ultrasonic units which are used to clean teeth and in endodontics to remove posts and metal instruments from root canals. These ultrasonic units are also used to prepare the root-end for filling in case microsurgical intervention is indicated. Diamond studded microscopic tips vibrate at up to 25,000 cycles per second to insure accurate and speedy preparation.

Advanced Patient Management

  • Digitized Patient Management

    In Excellence Total Dental Health Care, all patient records are maintained in a DPMS (Digital Patient Management System) allowing for better communication and record keeping.

  • 24/7 Availabilty

    Excellence Total Dental Health Care provides a service through which patients can book their appointments 24/7.

    Helpline number +91 90 08 008 040

Advanced Aesthetics

  • Power whitening (Beyond® Tooth Whitening)

    The popular Beyond ® tooth whitening system uses a special gel that is designed to be applied to the patient’s teeth by a dental professional. The active ingredient in the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide, which is activated by a specialized lamp. During the tooth whitening process, the patient can recline comfortably and listen to music or simply relax. The procedure only takes 30 mins to complete.

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Advanced Patient Facilities

  • Wi-fi Enabled Set-up
  • Relaxed and Comfortable Atmosphere

    In Excellence Total Dental Health Care’s relaxed and comfortable surroundings, experienced dentists will take time to listen to any concerns you may have. You can then be provided with the necessary information and care that you need to achieve a healthy, comfortable and aesthetic smile. Excellence Total Dental Health Care constantly strives to provide the best treatments using the latest technology.