The Setup

A journal of superior dental healthcare

Superior Clinical Quality

In Excellence Total Dental Healthcare Center, dentists and staff work as a team with excellent coordination, punctuality and dedication. They provide absolute solution to any dental healthcare issue that lasts long. The dentists are not only experience but always keep themselves updated with the latest happenings occurring in dentistry. The equipments and materials used for treatments are the most advanced ones used by superior dental clinics and hospitals around the world. The service of top quality dental healthcare specialists is also acquired whenever necessary. For us, patients’ welfare comes above all.


A smile can say more than mere words. Excellence Total Dental Healthcare understands this very well and hence, provides attractive aesthetic look during a treatment. Thus, we make patients to feel confident in overall appearance and lead life with a great smile.

A Patient Humane Approach

In Excellence Total Dental Healthcare, patients are given time to explain their concerns and problems in detail. This will help the dentists to thoroughly understand the patients and the issues related to their dental ailments. As a result, proper treatment is given and the patients are benefited more than they had expected.


Even though Excellence Total Dental Healthcare uses latest equipments and offers experienced dentists to treat ailments of various complexities, the price is reasonable. As we earlier said, our aim is to provide treatment that lasts long and gives long-term benefit to patients. Hence, at the end, the patients will have healthy, strong and attractive teeth for a life.


The location and the public transportation facility have made Excellence Total Dental Healthcare easily accessible to the patients not only from Mangalore but outside of the city too. Thus, the patients who work or who stay far can easily visit for their treatments. See the location.