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The Total Dental Healthcare Center

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The Office

We, Excellence Total Dental Health Care, are one of the few multi-specialty clinics in Mangalore that provides absolute solution to various dental ailments. Located in the heart of the City, our veteran team of dentists is patient-oriented, friendly and professional.

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The Technology

We have always believed that providing absolute solution to any dental ailment means utilizing available advanced technology to its maximum. Hence we have equipments incorporating latest technological innovations to treat our patients!

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The Treatments

At Excellence Total Dental Health Care, we provide various treatments to many types of dental health issues. Our list of treatments includes simple ones like Tooth Whitening or Wisdom Tooth Removal as well as complex ones such as Micro Dentistry or Dental Implant. Whatever the treatment type is, our level of professionalism stays the same. Our hi-tech instruments, matchless experience and the friendly ambiance make our patients feel comfortable even during the complex level treatment.

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